Claudia Hackworth, MILS

Evanced Solutions Sales Manager

Claudia has been working with libraries to find automation solutions for more than 20 years. Claudia worked with two ILS companies (DRA and Polaris), before joining the Evanced Solutions team in 2005. This background in the foundation of library automation has been invaluable as she works with libraries to help expand access to their programming and services. Claudia holds a master’s degree from the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor School of Information and Library Studies.

Andrew Johnson

Evanced Solutions Sales Representative

Andrew grew up in the Midwest and spent many cold winter days buried in a book at the Northfield Public Library. After several years in the publishing industry, he returned to the library world and has helped provide technology solutions that pair high-end creative design and functionality with automated data integration. Andrew has a bachelor of arts degree from St. Olaf College and is inspired to help libraries streamline their processes so staff members can focus on the patron experience.


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